Join us at RE+ 2022

Please join us at the upcoming RE+ Conference in Anaheim! Joe Villacci and Amy Scher represent SEIPS and are teaching SEI’s Megawatt-Scale PV: Design Considerations and Case Studies course on September 19th! This advanced course provides an in-depth look into the design process and considerations for grid-connected megawatt-scale PV systems, with an emphasis on ground-mounted systems. The first half of the course will discuss the design process from pre-project planning to best practices in installation, quality control, and commissioning.  The

SEIPS Case Study: 313 kW Rooftop and Canopy Project (Huntington Beach, CA) In 2020 SEI Engineering designed a combination PV system comprised of a rooftop and two canopies over adjacent parking lots at Precision Ferrites and Ceramics in Huntington Beach, CA.  The original design incorporated a 112kW/223kWh Tesla Powerpack, but was removed due to space constraints. SEIPS provides expert services during every stage of the project development cycle from concept to commissioning and beyond through operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Contact

SEIPS Tech Tips: Job Site Lightning Safety Considerations for Solar Professionals

SEIPS Tech Tips: Job Site Lightning Safety Considerations for Solar Professionals by Brian Mehalic   Summer is here and SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) is hard at work in the field on job sites all over the country.  We are ramping up a ton of client work performing commissioning, inspections, and O&M on large-scale solar projects and thought lightning safety would be a timely topic.  Severe weather is often a nuisance because it can delay or cancel field work – which causes

BOX Usage

As most of you know, we recently switched to for our cloud storage.  While Box is similar to Google Drive, it is also quite different in how files are shared and used.  In this and upcoming issues of [this newsletter] we plan to share tips and policy with regards to Box and how it is implemented by SEIPS/E.  We hope you will find this information useful. Sharing Files (Collaborating) Unlike how we used Google Drive, sharing files will typically be done

Policies and Links

We want to take this opportunity to share some important links with you.  You already have access to many of these links on our policy page, but we thought it makes sense to once again share access to all of this information so it is easily accessible. Contracts and Policies The first and most important links are to a couple webpages on our site that are geared specifically to our contractors.  The first one explains our contrasting process and provides links to


As part of an effort to streamline data and tie all of our documents together numbers will be showing up all over the place where they weren’t before.  It may seem obvious to most people, but up until now our projects have not had unique numbers that identified the client and company they are associated with.  Having two companies (SEIPS and SEIE) creates an extra challenge in keeping things straight.  Hopefully our new numbering systems will make it easier for