As part of an effort to streamline data and tie all of our documents together numbers will be showing up all over the place where they weren’t before.  It may seem obvious to most people, but up until now our projects have not had unique numbers that identified the client and company they are associated with.  Having two companies (SEIPS and SEIE) creates an extra challenge in keeping things straight.  Hopefully our new numbering systems will make it easier for everyone to do their job.  Here’s the scoop.

Project Numbers
Most organizations assign unique identifying numbers to their projects.  In our case we are using our digital file storage hierarchy as the basis for each project number.  When you are in you may have noticed that each client folder now has a three digit number to the right of it.  You may have also noticed that each project now has a two digit number with a letter (P or E).  When combined, that six digit number is the project identifier that is unique in our system as shown here.

When invoicing us or doing anything on a project, you can use this unique number to identify the difference between, say Ayrshire Design and Ayrshire Commissioning.  We will also be using these numbers in our work authorizations, so it will be super-easy to know what project you should be invoicing.  The most valuable characteristics of these numbers is you can tell what company to bill – P means SEI Pro Services and E means SEI Engineering.

Contractor Numbers
Another unique number being used is for you, the contractor.  At some point in the near future you will receive an email from our office assigning your company a unique four digit number.  You will start using this number when you invoice us.  It’s one way that we can better track all of your transactions in our system.  There’s nothing special here, but now you will be a number and not a free man (or woman)…

Task Codes
If you’ve been working with us for awhile, you are probably familiar with our task codes.  They are part of our fee schedule and are beginning to also show up in work authorizations.  You will start seeing us assign each task within work authorizations a code so you may easily bill against them when filling out your invoices.  The intent with all these numbers is to make all of our lives just a little easier.

As always, if you have any questions about what a number means, or when or how to use them, don’t hesitate to contact us here in the office.