Paonia, CO, April 13, 2015Solar Energy International (SEI) announced the spin-off of SEI Professional Services LLC, a business dedicated to providing specialized services directly to the solar electric industry.

SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) has started operations as a separate entity and integral supporter of SEI’s mission.  A portion of the revenue will be returned to Solar Energy International in support of its non-profit mission to provide industry leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy to empower people, communities and businesses worldwide.

SEIPS is dedicated to serving the solar electric industry through high-level services including feasibility analysis, construction plans, construction phase consulting, commissioning, inspections, consulting, engineering and design of photovoltaic systems. It is important to note that they will not be performing installations or engaging in procurement activities. SEIPS is filling a need in the solar industry while supporting SEI’s family of over 40,000 alumni.

SEIPS pairs SEI’s incredible network of over 50 experienced solar technicians with projects from our alumni, EPCs, manufacturers, and governments. Inspections by third-parties and system commissioning are critical on larger PV systems as the pace of new installations grows. Many contractors do not have the experience or the equipment to perform the types of tests required to verify system integrity prior to startup. SEIPS has access to a deep pool of highly experienced experts who focus on these types of tasks. Additionally, review of a system design prior to construction will ensure the owner, developer, or EPC that the system they are bringing online will meet their financial objectives. These are just a few simple scenarios of how SEIPS is fitting into the new PV paradigm.

SEIPS projects range from small to utility-scale and include grid-tied and battery-based systems of all size. SEIPS projects already include everything from commissioning the largest rooftop PV system in Latin America, to designing 70 megawatts of PV currently under construction in Texas, to design review and construction inspections of large, utility-owned systems. SEIPS also caters to the small end of the market including residential-scale systems both on and off-grid.

Many of the services SEIPS offers center around the beginning and end of projects, such as design, performance verification, and commissioning. SEIPS also offers services throughout the project, such as serving as the owner representative during all phases of project development. Nowhere else can a client find the breadth of talent offered by SEI’s instructors. The SEIPS team has years of experience in both grid-direct and battery-based applications ranging from small off-grid to utility scale projects.

SEIPS is based on the SEI campus in beautiful Paonia, Colorado. With direct access to SEI’s network of past alumni and an active role in development across the industry, they are positioned to provide a premium service out of the gate.

“Not only does SEI Professional Services have the leverage of SEI to draw from, we are an organization of highly-skilled individuals that work together across vast geographic regions and markets, giving us an the advantage of being able to work competitively almost anywhere,” says Jeff Ruppert, Program Manager at SEIPS. He adds, “What we aren’t doing is competing directly with our alumni. We view ourselves as complementing their skills, while at the same time offering opportunities to strengthen their experience by working directly alongside the best in the industry. What is most important to our mission is that our existence has grown out of an overwhelming demand from SEI alumni, instructors as well as industry partners.”

Now that SEI Professional Services is open for business the PV industry has a new choice with an established partner. Those planning PV installations from the residential size all the way up to utility-scale should visit their website or they can contact Jeff Ruppert directly at

About SEI Professional Services
SEI Professional Services is the industry’s leading resource for consulting, development, design, inspections, preventive maintenance, and commissioning of photovoltaic (PV) systems. SEIPS’ mission is to provide the foremost technical expertise in solar energy to empower people, grow businesses, and influence the global PV industry through best practices.

In 2015, Solar Energy International spun off SEI Professional Services. Solar Energy International was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit educational organization. SEI’s mission is to provide industry-leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy to empower people, communities, and businesses worldwide.

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