Keith Hardt, P.E.

Medium Voltage Engineer

Keith is a licensed professional engineer in 38 states and worked in municipal, cooperative and
investor owned electric utility markets since 1982. Keith has +30 years of professional
engineering experience working on a wide range of electrical projects in the United States; with
specific expertise in traditional electric utility distribution and substation design and operations
with specific emphasis on system protection, relay testing and SCADA and telemetry

Since 2012 Keith has provided engineering and design services for medium voltage and high
voltage interconnected PV systems. Beginning in 2020 he started providing engineering and
design services for utility integrated battery storage systems; paralleling and Microgrid systems
including standalone systems and those integrated with PV systems and prime mover
generation systems.

Keith received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering at North Carolina State
University and was licensed as a professional engineer in North Carolina in 1993. He is a
member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Professional Engineers of North
Carolina and a Senior member of the IEEE.

Keith is the child of a military family and lived all over the world during his early childhood
but has lived in coastal North Carolina for most of his life. Keith is married to his wife Crystal
and they have one adult son.

When he is not entertaining friends, fishing or clamming, Keith enjoys spending time with his
family, relaxing on the beach and traveling.