Danny Bailey

Inspection Services

Danny Bailey is an SEIPS site inspector and part of the SEI PV Technical staff.  Danny is a local to Paonia, CO, where SEI’s lab yard is located, and has lived in the area for over 20 years. He has a construction background which he began to develop in high school. He has worked in the majority of the trades (electrical, painting, carpentry, metalworking etc.) for varying lengths of time. Danny is  passionate about learning and truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with anyone else who is interested. He was first introduced to renewable energy in 2003, and finished his last course at SEI  in 2007. He has worked off and on in the PV industry since 2007 and is thrilled to be working at SEI! He is also an avid organic gardener and enjoys; hiking, skateboarding, mountain biking and just getting out there!