Jeff Ruppert, P.E.

Jeff Ruppert, P.E. / Principal

Jeff is a founder and principal of SEIPS and registered Professional Engineer across the U.S. His responsibilities include business development, negotiating and executing contracts, resolving legal issues, oversight of many administrative tasks, IT systems development, marketing, and of course engineering. Jeff received his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering degree from California State University, Fresno in 1993. He has been self-employed in various companies since 1996 when he ventured away from his first job at a consulting engineering firm in Boulder, Colorado to partner with local builders to form a company focused on straw bale construction. From 1996 to the present he has been part or full owner of three design and construction companies.
Joe Villacci

Joe Villacci / Principal

Joe is a co-founder and Principal of SEIPS. He specializes in project management, system design, installation methods, and performance verification of solar electric systems. Joe has provided technical services for PV businesses and PV system owners for over a decade. He has held numerous positions in the industry and brings his years of experience into the daily operations of SEIPS. Joe’s primary responsibilities include oversight of project managers and contactors by providing technical and logistical support during the execution of projects. He is directly involved with developing and negotiating contract terms with clients, budgeting, and business development. He performs system design work, is proficient in AutoCAD, and independently manages select projects. Additionally, Joe continues to work on a part-time basis as a PV technical trainer and curriculum developer for Solar Energy International. His position on SEI’s PV curriculum team allows him to be closely involved with the creation and revision cycles of SEI’s course content for both grid-direct and battery-based PV classes.