This is the test page for the invoice entry system.

Please test each of the applications here.  Start by creating an invoice in the first application and reviewing it in the second application.  Read further for simple instructions.

Invoice Entry (for contractors)

Invoice Review (for Project Managers)

When you create invoices for testing purposes, choose projects on which you are the project manager.  This will place the invoices you create in your review application.  Once you submit invoices you will receive email notifications that says your invoices are waiting for approval.

Next, go to the second application and you should see your newly created invoice listed on the main review page.  Open it, check it and approve or reject it.  If it is rejected, go back to your invoice app and sync.  It should show up there.  If it is approved you should receive an email with the pdf invoice attached.

If at any time you are confused as to where you are in an application, click the left arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen over and over again until you get back to the main list screen.  Remember to use the sync button to refresh the lists in each app.

Both application appears similar at this point so open each in a separate tab so you identify easily.

We have not created instruction et, so links to more info do not mean anything yet.

Take notes and send us emails with lists of bugs or corrections you’d like to see.