Overhead panoramic view of Lower solar array

Spencer and Lowe Solar

Spencer Meadow Solar and Lowe Country Solar, North Carolina, USA In partnership with Axis Energy, Inc SOLAR-PLUS-STORAGE! Spencer Meadow Solar and Lowe Country Solar (Spencer & Lowe) are a pair of twin projects near Asheboro, NC.  SEIPS provided the electrical and structural engineering, a comprehensive plan set and construction support, responding to RFIs and submittals from the field. Photo Courtesy Axis Energy, Inc The systems are on adjacent parcels of property each with their own separate interconnection. The two projects total 5.3

Image of Bingham Solar Array looking West. Photo courtesy J Ranck Electric, Inc.

Bingham and Temperance Solar

Bingham and Temperance Solar, Michigan, USA In partnership with J Ranck Electric, Inc Temperance Solar and Bingham Solar are two projects that were engineered by SEI Professional Services (SEIPS).  The sites are located in Michigan and are 29.7 MWDC and 29.3 MWDC in size, respectively.  SEIPS, in a partnership with J-Ranck Electric of Mount Pleasant, MI, provided Civil, Structural, and Electrical engineering and assisted with commissioning.  The substations for each project were prepared in-house by SEIPS under the supervision of our medium/high