SEI Professional Services Teams Up with Amicus Cooperatives to Offer Discounted Technical Services to Cooperative Members

Solar Energy International (SEI) has supported the Amicus Solar and Amicus O&M Cooperatives in recent years through a partnership to connect cooperative member-companies with critical professional development opportunities at discounted tuition rates. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our connection and partnership through SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) to offer discounted engineering, technical consulting, design reviews, and other quality assurance services that will help Amicus member-companies serve their clients with assistance from a trusted source.

Through this expanded partnership, SEIPS is offering both Amicus Cooperative member-companies $90 per hour technical consulting (for the first 10 hours) and 15% off all other services. Normally this discount is only made available to SEI Students and Alumni, but through our expanded partnership this offer is available to the entire Amicus network.

The Amicus Cooperatives are a special group of quality solar PV installers, integrators, EPCs, developers, and O&M service providers who openly share and collaborate on a wide range of business topics from operational efficiencies to sales and marketing strategies. Members experience the benefits of co-owning two large national cooperatives while remaining independently owned and operated. Each cooperative is jointly-owned and democratically managed by itsmember-companies.

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The SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) team includes the solar industry’s top PV system designers, engineers, and technicians. Our team has over 550 years of combined solar industry experience.  We are uniquely positioned to offer leading-edge knowledge of solar PV equipment and electrical codes and standards, we strive to pass on that knowledge to your organization and create self sustaining operations for years to come. The types of solar design and consulting services offered to your project can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Solar engineering services are offered separately through SEI Engineering (SEIE), which does business within the states where we are licensed to operate and that list continues to grow rapidly.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best quality assurance for the solar industry. Our consulting and design services include in-house licensed electrical, civil, and structural engineers. We offer Independent Engineering (IE) reports, QA/QC inspections, performance testing, and ongoing evaluation services of existing systems and troubleshooting. These services are offered across the globe inconnection with the Solar Energy Energy International (SEI) network.

Contact us today and one of our technical specialists will work with you to maximize your solar project.  Contact Jeff Ruppert, P.E., CEO / Civil Engineer for SEI Professional Services / SEI Engineering @ (970) 948-5744 or