SEIPS Case Study: Testing And Inspecting The Solar Microgrid At Palmyra Atoll For The Nature Conservancy

Palmyra Atoll, a spectacular marine wilderness in the vast equatorial Pacific, is a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge and a Nature Conservancy center for world-class ocean and climate research. The Conservancy’s Research Station is supported by a three-phase microgrid that includes solar electric, diesel generators, and battery banks for energy storage. Electrical loads are distributed between the science laboratory, offices, kitchen and dining area, workshops, boat dock, and small cabin accommodations.

In the summer of 2017, SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) performed the first maintenance on the solar microgrid system since it was installed in 2015. SEIPS tested, inspected, performed maintenance, identified issues, and re-programmed equipment both remotely and on-site. As a result, overall system performance is improved and average generator run-time is reduced.

SEIPS senior technicians, Kris Sutton and Joe Villacci, worked tirelessly to pack in system inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance work, and system re-programing. The bonus at the end was a little time to snorkel around a magnificent coral reef and view some amazing marine life! Palmyra Atoll is truly a special place and we are happy to be able to support The Nature Conservancy and “keep the lights on” for their hard working staff and researchers from around the globe. SEIPS plans to continue to monitor the Palmyra power grid remotely and work with the Conservancy on system improvements and to support operations and maintenance efforts.

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